Name: Angelo
Race: Risian
Gender: Male
Age: 23
D.O.B.: August 6, 2367
P.O.B.: Risa
Rank: Civilian
Assignment: Female Division Head Masseuse, USS Risa
Marks: None
Special Abilities: Knows the pleasurable pressure points like the back of his hand.
Skills: Advanced Masseuse Skills, Highly Recommended to Female Passengers.

Parents: Bruno (Father: 47) & Serena (Mother: 46)
Siblings: Mario (Y.B.: 22) & Isabella (Y.S.: 19)
Mate: None
Children: None

Angelo was born on Risa to Bruno & Serena on August 6, 2367. In 2368, Angelo gained a brother, Mario. In 2371, Angelo gained a sister, Isabella. In 2372, Angelo started schooling. In 2381, Angelo graduated and started Masseuse School. In 2385, Angelo graduated from Masseuse school & became a Risian Masseuse. In 2390, Angelo was sent to USS Risa as Head Masseuse Female Division.

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