Cordell Walker

Name: Cordell Walker
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Race: Human
DOB: February 22, 2359
POB: Ponderosa
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Position: Assistant Security Chief, USS Washington.
Rank: Lieutenant
Personal Traits: It’s been quoted, “If it can fly, he can fly it.”
Personality: Loves to pilot anything that can fly. He’s a Regular “Flying Ace”. He enjoys having fun, pulling pranks, and telling jokes.

Father:** Jorge Walker (Captain’s a Civilian Freighter, the Ponderosa)
Mother: Sadie Walker (Home Maker on the Ponderosa)
O. Brother: Paul Walker (Joined Starfleet, died in the Dominion War)
Y. Brother: Jerry Walker (Pilot of the Ponderosa)
Y. Sister: Annie Walker (High School Student)

Educational History:
Born on the Ponderosa
Home Schooling
Starfleet Academy

Academy: 2377 - 2381

Major/Minor (Area of study): Security/Helm

Previous Assignments:
USS Ticonderoga; Security Officer 2381 - 2382

On February 22, 2359 Cordell Walker was born to Jorge and Sadie Walker. He had an older brother named Paul. A year and a half later he got a little brother named Jerry. Then after a three year gap they got a little sister named Annie. They were all home schooled by their mother. His father took command of his own father’s old freighter ship, the Ponderosa. When Cordell was about 12, his father taught him how to pilot the ship. And they let him take the helm through easy areas without a lot of turns. When he was 16, he once stole one of the Ponderosa’s shuttles to go joy-riding, doing loops around the ship. He got within 10 feet without hitting anything at full impulse. He was punished for it. His father sent him to Starfleet enlisted to teach him discipline. Around the same time his brother died in the Dominion War. At 18 he joined Starfleet Academy after his childhood criminal record was sealed. Shortly after his first basic flight classes his instructor got a taste of how good a pilot he was already. He sent Cordell to be on Nova Squadron. The cadet elite pilot Squadron. He made Team Captain of Nova Squadron his last two years at the Academy. He graduated first in his class for the Security Course. In 2381, Cordell was assigned as a Security Officer on the USS Ticonderoga. And then nearly a year later he was assigned to the USS Washington as Assistant Chief Security Officer.

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