Drake Van Horn

NAME: Drake “Cobra” Van Horn
SPECIES: Vampire
AGE: 794
D.O.B.: September 24, 1585
RANK: Major
ASSIGNMENT: USS Trident; Chief Fighter Pilot
MARKS: Battle scars throughout his body. Most noticeably, his left eye. Bite marks on his neck by lovers.
ABILITIES: Vampire Super-Human Agility, Strength, Speed, & Stealth.

Father: Crimson Van Horn (Dead; 09/14/2004)
Mother: Sabrina Kenobi Van Horn (Dead; 11/12/1979)
Y. Brother: Kolbe Van Horn (Blood-pack Leader)
Y. Sister: Wendell Van Horn Cárdenas (Wife to Jackal Cárdenas; Mother of 4)
Spouse & Children:

  • Electra Cantata Van Horn (Dead; 2053, WW3)
    • Drake Van Horn Jr. (Son)
    • Tyrone Van Horn (Son)
    • Silesia Van Horn Dreier (Daughter)
    • Milkier Van Horn (Son)
    • Alkaline Van Horn (Son) [Milkier & Alkaline are twins].
  • Jessica Knox Van Horn (2380 - Present)
    • TBA (Twins)
  • Natasha Yar (Fiance)
    • Drake Van Horn III (Son)

Academy Major: Fighter Pilot
Academy Minor: MACO

On September 24, 1585; Drake Van Horn is born to Crimson & Sabrina Van Horn in Transylvania. In 1625, Drake married Electra Cantata. In 1682, Drake Van Horn Jr. was born in Transylvania. In 1693, the Van Horn Family moved to England. In 1728, Tyrone Van Horn was born in England. In 1788, the Van Horn Family moved to America in New York City. In 1851, Silesia Van Horn was born in NYC. In 1912, Silesia married Dirk Dreier (member of the Vampire Nation Council). In 1979, Sabrina Van Horn is killed by a pack of Vampire Hunters. Crimson, Drake, Kolbe, Drake Jr., & Tyrone all join the ‘Blood-pack’; an elite group of Vampires that hunt the humans who hunt Vampires. In 2003, Milkier & Alkaline Van Horn was born in NYC. In 2004, Crimson falls into a Vampire Hunter trap & is killed after hunting them down for 25 years, since the death of his wife Sabrina. In 2053, Electra is killed by an explosion in World War 3. In 2090, Drake moves to San Francisco, California. Drake begins to think all the Vampire Hunters that killed his parents are all dead by now, he resigns from the ‘Blood-pack’. In 2130, Drake joins Starfleet as a MACO Cadet. In 2134, Drake graduates as a full time MACO. In 2153, Drake joins the MACO Team, under Major Hayze, on Enterprise NX-01 during the hunt for the Xindi. From 2156 to 2160, Drake fought many battles of the Earth/Romulan War. In 2161, Drake is a MACO instructor at Starfleet Academy. In 2171, Drake transfers to USS Valiant. In 2186, Drake transfers to USS George Washington. In 2201, Drake transfers to USS T’Pol. In 2220, Drake transfers to USS Arizona. In 2240, Drake transfers to USS Constitution. In 2257, Drake transfers to USS Epsilon. In 2293, Drake transfers to USS Enterprise-B as MACO Team Commander. In 2326, Drake transfers to USS Reliant-A. In 2333, Drake transfers to USS Stargazer. In 2355, USS Stargazer nearly destroyed in Battle of Maxia, crew abandons ship. Drake reassigned to USS Galaxy. In 2375, Drake makes position of XO. In 2379, Drake demoted and reassigned to USS Trident as Chief Fighter Pilot.

Revolutionary War
U.S. Civil War
World War 1
World War 2
Korean War
Vietnam War
Eugenics War
World War 3
Xindi Conflict
Earth Romulan War
Federation/Klingon War 1
Federation/Klingon War 2
Dominion War

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