James Sheriden

NAME: James "Jim" Hannibal Sheriden
SPECIES: Human/Half-Vampire
AGE: 67 (Looks late 20's, early 30's)
D.O.B.: January 8, 2317
RANK: Captain
ASSIGNMENT: USS Blade; Commanding Officer
MARKS: Bite marks in his neck from Vampire lovers.
ABILITIES: Vampire Magnetism (Women lust for him when they look into his eyes, Dracula had it. Jim doesn't have control of his.)

Father: Jonathan Sheriden (Deceased).
Mother: Ruby Sheriden (Deceased).
Siblings: Jean Sheriden (Twin Sister).
Spouse: K'Lar, Paula (Lins) and Ezri (Tigan) Sheriden.
Children: Derek Burke (son of an old girlfriend). Megan & Cherise (twins from Paula), Jazmine (from K'Lar) and James Jr. & Amber (1 male and 1 female twins from Ezri).

Academy Major: Tactical
Academy Minor: Command

On January 8, 2317 James Sheriden was born to Jonathan & Ruby Sheriden. Ruby was bitten by a female Vampire the night before, causing Jim to become a half vampire. She died the following morning when a nurse opened the shades to her room to let in the sunlight, not knowing she was a vampire. Jim was raised by his father. In 2335, Jim joined Starfleet Academy. In 2339 he graduated and was issued the rank of Ensign. He served as Graveyard Tactical Officer on the USS George W. Bush. In 2341, Jim met the historically known Captain Blade, the first half vampire, at a Starfleet Ball. In 2342, Jim was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and transfered to the USS Clearfield as Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. In 2345 James gained the record as Starfleet's fastest targeting and firing tactical officer, also making a new record, beating Hikaru Sulu's record. He was then promoted to Lieutenant. In 2348, Jim was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transfered to the USS Provo as Chief Tactical Officer. In 2360, Jim was promoted to the rank of Commander and transfered to the USS Fresenius as Executive Officer. In 2367, Jim hears news of Captain Blade and his ship USS Princeton are lost in the Battle of Wolf 359. And Captain Blade is marked as a hero. In 2372, Jim is promoted to Captain and is given Command of the newly built USS Blade. Named after the Battle of Wolf 359 hero. In 2376, Jim learns his fastest targeting record his broken by the first Hirogen to enter Starfleet Academy, named Tek'vrel. In 2379, the USS Blade is reassigned to be the transport vessel of Commissioner Mina Harker. After Mina Harker died, Jim got romantically with the three women he impregnanted before courting Mina. They are Commander K'Lar, Lieutenant Ezri Tigan and Lieutenant Paula Lins. He later got engaged with all three under Denoblian Wedding Rites. Jim married K'Lar, Ezri, Paula on February 5, 2384.

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