Jayden Nambia

NAME: Jayden Nambia
SPECIES: Betazoid
AGE: 35
D.O.B.: March 3, 2354
P.O.B.: Betazed
RANK: Civilian
ASSIGNMENT: Teacher, Starbase Saloon
ABILITIES: Telepathic

Father: Koshuma Nambia
Mother: Lilu Nambia
Y/B: Petro Nambia
Y/S: Kalita Nambia
Spouse: None
Children: Kiley Anna Love (God-Daughter; 4)


  • High School
  • Harvard University

On March 3, 2354; Jayden Nambia was born to Koshuma and Lilu Nambia on Betazed. He went to regular schooling from 2359 to 2372. In 2372, he enrolled at Harvard University on Earth. He graduated in 2376. Jayden became a teacher at Zephram Cochran High School. In 2389, he came aboard the USS Voyager-D as an Instructor to the school aged kids. Not long after old friends of Jayden died, leaving him a God-Daughter named Kiley Ann Love. After the USS Voyager-D was decommissioned, Jayden & Kiley moved to Starbase Saloon.

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