John MacGyver

NAME: John MacGyver
AGE: 33
D.O.B.: July 18, 2372
RACE: Human
RANK: Civilian
MARKS: None.
ABILITIES: Child Psycology Expert, Mental link for emotions with his twin Peter.
SKILLS: Child Care, Teaching, Child Physcology, First Aide (Adult & Child).

FATHER: Bill MacGyver
MOTHER: Debra (Girardo) MacGyver
BROTHER: Major Peter MacGyver (Wing Commander at Starbase Raven)
Y.SISTER: Donna MacGyver (Starfleet Academy - Medical)
MATE: None.
CHILDREN: None as of yet.

On July 18, 2372 John and his twin brother Peter MacGyver were born. In 2375, they have a little sister Donna MacGyver. John & Peter go through general schooling from 2377 until 2390. In 2390, the part paths. John goes to college to become a Teacher. Peter goes into Starfleet Academy. In 2394, John graduates collage and becomes a Teacher at Zephram Cochrane High School on Earth. In 2405, John applies for the Teacher position to be close to where his brother was getting transferred to at Starbase Raven. John gets the job.

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