Krothos Foxtrot

Name: Krothos Foxtrot
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Education Level: Military Academy
Colony of Origin: Aquaria
Rank: Ensign
Callsign: N/A
Position: Helm Officer


Pilot Good
Espionage Good
Sniper Good
Engineering Good
Bridge Operations Fair
Marine Fair

Weaknesses/Failings: Medical, Science, Politics, Religion, Serious Relationships.


Krothos Foxtrot was born on Aquaria to Billy and Debra Foxtrot (status unknown). He has an older brother named Adam (deceased), a younger brother named Peter (status unknown) and a younger sister named Donna (deceased). He attended schooling from age 5 to age 18. In his Junior High years, Krothos experimented with smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol for a few months, but pulled through it. In High School he became sexually active and before long it wasn't unheard of that he'd have a different girl in his bed each night.

At 18, Krothos joined the Colonial Military and attended the Academy to become an officer and took Flight & Combat Flight courses. He graduated at 22. He was assigned to the Battlestar Mercury BSG-21 as a Helm Officer at the rank of Ensign.

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