Marco Vercetti

Name: Marco Vercetti
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
D.O.B.: May 5, 2357
P.O.B.: Rome, Italy; Earth.
Assignment: Gigolo, Deep Space Brothel.
Marks: None.
Special Abilities: None.
Skills: Extremely exprienced and well trained lover.

Parents: Tommy & Jennifer Vercetti.
Siblings: Dominic Vercetti (O.B.), Steven Vercetti (Y.B.), Gloria Vercetti (Y.S.).
Mate: Leeta Vercetti (wife).
Children: None, but Leeta is pregnant.

On May 8, 2357; Marco Vercetti was born in Rome, Italy on Earth to Tommy & Jennifer Vercetti. From 2362 until 2375, Marco went through required schooling. He was very popular in school, that there were plenty of girls interested in him. He was interested in them too and couldn't pick one to be with and break the hearts of the rest. So at 18, he became a gigolo and serviced them all. He worked as a Gigolo on Earth until 2381. Then he went to Deep Space Brothel to work as a Gigolo there. He wanted a better chance of trying out alien women. There he met Mrs. Leeta Alexander. The wife of an Starfleet Intelligence Admiral. He killed the Admiral to protect her, making it look like an accident. He got her pregnant and then married her.

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