Michael "SWIFT" Hunt

Name: Michael Hunt
Callsign: SWIFT (See Who I Frak Today)
Rank: Major
Position: Executive Officer
Assignment: Battlestar Cruiser Yatleau
Age: 35
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 145 Albs
Sex: Male
Race: Cylon

Michael Hunt was born on Aquarion (or so he thinks). He grew up going to general schooling. He enrolled in the Colonial Fleet Academy at 18 and graduated as an Officer at 22. He served aboard Battlestar Stormbringer, Battlestar Ticonderoga and Battlestar Mercury throughout his career. He started as a Viper Pilot. His call-sign SWIFT refers to his way with women and stand for "See Who I Frak Today." At age 30, he was assigned to the Battlestar Cruiser Yatleau where he left with them from the Colonies for 5 yearns, only to return finding that Caprica had been nuked by Cylons.

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