Name: Mileek
Gender: Male
Age: 731
Race: Eemie-ackians
Allegiance: Jedi
Rank: Master
Weapons: Double Edged Light Saber (like Darth Mual's)
Ship: Jedi One (Previously: Independent Freedom, {Millennium Falcon's sister ship})
Light Saber Color: Green

He was Yoda's 2nd Padawan at a very young age. He didn't become a Jedi Knight until over 30 years of training with Master Yoda. He then went out and trained a couple Jedi Knights for 60 years. Then spent 30 more years on the Jedi Council. Around the age of 130 he left the Galaxy to "The Next Galaxy". Which was one Galaxy over. He traveled for over 20 years to reach it. Then started training Jedi Knights over there. And created a new Jedi Council for this Galaxy. (This Galaxy is where this RPG takes place.) Some Drop-outs created they're own Sith Army. Since the Jedi have one on one training for at least 30 years their more skilled, but the Sith Army out numbers them, by alot. The Sith army started hunting the Jedi, but the Jedi fight back, putting the Jedi and Sith at Stale-mates at almost every engagement. Mileek got the nickname "The Jedi". After becoming Leader of the Jedi Council, he renamed his ship "Independent Freedom" to "Jedi One".

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