Peter MacGyver

NAME: Peter MacGyver
AGE: 33
D.O.B.: July 18, 2372
RACE: Human
RANK: Major
ASSIGNMENT: Wing Commander, Starbase Raven.
MARKS: None.
ABILITIES: Flying Ace Pilot, Mental link for emotions with his twin Peter.
SKILLS: Aviation, flight of anything that 'can fly', Evasive Maneuvers, Targeting & fireing weapons while flying.

FATHER: Bill MacGyver
MOTHER: Debra (Girardo) MacGyver
BROTHER: John MacGyver (Teacher at Starbase Raven)
Y.SISTER: Donna MacGyver (Starfleet Academy - Medical)
MATE: None.
CHILDREN: None as of yet.

On July 18, 2372 Peter and his twin brother John MacGyver were born. In 2375, they have a little sister Donna MacGyver. Peter & John go through general schooling from 2377 until 2390. In 2390, the part paths. Peter goes into Starfleet Academy. John goes to college to become a Teacher. In 2394, Peter graduates from Starfleet Academy as a Fighter Pilot on Deep Space 11 at the rank of Second Lieutenant. In 2398, Peter is promoted to First Lieutenant. In 2402, Peter is promoted to Marine Captain. In 2405, Peter is promoted to Major and assigned to Starbase Raven as Wing Commander.

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