Name: Phelix
Race: Denoblian
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Appearance: Slightly Husky, but lives an active lifestyle.
Psychological Profile: Cheerful, Love for many variaty of weird pets, Good Listener, Active Talker. Kids named after human friends from Bar School.
Hobbies and skills: Takes care of his Pets, Owns a great variaty of weird creatures from many planets.

Father: Sherlox
Mother: Lirandra
O.Brother: Senrab (Starfleet Officer; Died in Dominian War)
Y.Brother: Retep
Y.Sister: Annod
1ST Wife: Kari (Denoblian; 3 kids: 2 sons Jerry & Bryan, 1 daughter Pamela)
2ND Wife: Kriztal (Denoblian; 2 kids (twins): 2 sons Chris & Zack)
3RD Wife: Lakisha (Human; 1 daughter Kelsie)

Personal History
High School; (Graduated at Age: 18)

Professional History
Bar Tender; Denoblia (Age: 22)
Bar Tender School; Earth (Age: 21)
Resturant Chef; Denoblia (Age: 18)

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