Sildya's Gift

“The Admiral’s Gift”

A Starbase Karma Story

By: John Barnes

General Krothos returned from his trip to the past with a smile on his face as he brought back a gift for Admiral Sildya Fangali-Bast. He had observed her fascination with a site called ‘Dragon Cave’ and her love for finding Dragon eggs. He knew of such creatures and brought her back a large egg. He made his way from the Time Travel Room to Sildya’s office. Once there he pressed the buzzer.

“Enter,” Sildya called from the inside.

Krothos entered with his hands behind his back, supporting the gift. He brought it around and showed her it as he placed it down on the middle of her desk, “Brought you back a souvenir.”

“A big egg?” Sildya asked.

“A Dragon Egg,” Krothos said proudly. He added, “I know how fascinated you are with them.”

“Where did you get a Dragon egg?” Sildya asked quizzically.

“Earth. 65,000,000 years ago,” replied Krothos. He added, “I would have slain the mother, but her head was far too large to fit in my quarters, let alone hang on my wall.”

“Earth, 65,000,000 years ago you say?” asked Sildya.

“Yep,” Krothos nodded. He said as he turned to leave, “Enjoy.”

Sildya thought about that time and place and remembered the term of the large reptiles of that time that some may think are similar to Dragons. Dragons she knew to be mythical creatures. Then the word hit her, ‘Dinosaurs.’ As soon as she thought the word, the egg on her desk started making a cracking sound. It was hatching…


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