Survic's Beginnings

"Survic's Beginings"
A Starbase Saloon Fan Fiction
By: John Barnes

In 2354, a young Vulcan child named Survic was running through the corridors on a Vulcan Science Ship with his sister T'Pak. They ran into the classroom. The instructor looked at them and said, "Survic and T'Pak, you two are late again. I tell you again, do NOT make it a habit." They replied, "Yes Instructor." They then took their seats. After a few hours the ship shook and the "Red Alert" alarm sounded.

The Ship's CO's voice came on the intercom saying, "Condition Red, All hands report to your Emergency posts." The instructor looked at the children and said, "Class, go to your quarters, lock the doors, and stay there until your parents arrive." They acknowledged the instructor and left the classroom to their quarters. "What's happening?" cried T'Pak. Survic told her, "I don't know, come with me." He led the way the quarters. After they got in, the ships started shaking violently, consoles exploding. They heard screaming and other noises in the corridors.

Survic opened his door to see what was going on. He saw the Vulcan crew members running this way and that, some screaming. Then he saw alien invaders with what looked like a spine on each side of their necks, pale white skin, black sleek hair. The was thing where did he see one of these aliens before. Then it came to him, he saw a picture in class once. He muttered under his breath, "That's a Cardassian." Then he saw his parents running toward their quarters. His parents ran past a corridor intersection, then three Cardassian popped out from the other corridor, behind his parents. They shot his parents in the back with their disrupters. He watched the fall with holes through their torsos, and die a few yards from their quarters.

One of the Cardassian made a report through a communicator, "We found more children." The voice replied, "Have them sent to the slave ship. Kill all the adults, and take the ship to be refitted to be a battle ship." "Aye," replied the Cardassian. He walked to Survic and T'Pak. He smiled at them, "Congratulations, your now slaves of the Cardassian Union."

After about 12 years later on Cardassia Prime, Survic was running through the woods trying to find some way off of Cardassia. A means of transport he could steal. But the Cardassian slave guards were hot on his trail with some creatures sniffing him out and tricorders set on bio readings to locate him. The 17 year old Vulcan boy ran as fast as he could, in between trees, across streams. Then suddenly he was struck in the back. He remembered thinking how unfortunate for him their disrupters were set on stun and not kill. The Cardassian Guards came up to him. They dragged and pulled him back to the mining facility and tied his arms to 2 tall posts in the middle of the courtyard. They brought out the rest of the Vulcan slaves to watch Survic get whipped, as a lesson to what will happen to them if they attempted to escape. The whips lashed at him, snapping against his back. This continued for about 40 times as Survic held his breath taking the pain for about the first 8 times and screaming in pain with each slap of the whip after that. His knees gave out. He would have fallen to the ground if his arms weren't tied to the posts. They left him tied there for a few hours, until dark. Then they took him to his bed where he would stay until he was well enough to work.

T'Pak was feeding Survic as he laid in his bed. She had tears in her eyes as she asked, "Why try to escape? It's hopeless. They have ships, transporters. How do you expect to get away from them on their own Planet?"

"There is a way, I just have to find it. I know there must be a way off this Planet. Even death has to be better than being a slave." said Survic. A few days later, they put Survic back to work.

Five years later, when Survic is about 21 after Survic was done with working for the day he walked past the hanger and saw inside a new Federation designed ship. He looked around but didn't see anyone. He sneaked quietly into the hanger and in the ship. Still he saw nobody around, so he went looking at the controls. "Hmmm, not a whole lot different from the drilling cars we mine with." He read the controls and looked at schematics of the ship. It was a Defiant Class ship, under an escort category. Which he knew had to be tough, and have a lot of fire power. He thought of it as more like a Warship. After a few minutes past he quietly snuck back to the Slave barracks. He laid in his bed until lights out thinking of a plan, and he got one. But he had to wait until the right time to execute it. He waited until everyone was sleeping and woke up T'Pak. T'Pak woke up then Survic pulled her out of bed and started sneaking out of the barracks with her, hand in hand. She asked, "What are you doing?" He shushed her as we looked in the hanger, nobody was in sight of the Defiant Class ship. They heard a guard walking just around the corner of the exterior of the hanger. He snuck himself and T'Pak onto the ship. He waited a while after the guard passed the hanger door way before he shut the hatch to the ship.

"Computer, is there anyone else on the Ship?" asked Survic. "Only two Vulcan life forms are on the Lennox." said the Computer. "Who is the Commander of the Lennox?" asked Survic. "Previous Command codes has just finished being erased, awaiting new Command codes." said the Computer. Survic grinned as he couldn't believe his luck. "Computer, change ship name from USS Lennox to Hope and place it under the command of Survic. Command Code: SurvicLennox21." ordered Survic. "This Vessel is now the Hope under the Command of Survic." said the Computer, after a few beeps. Survic looked at T'Pak, "T'Pak go to the Transporter room. Scan for all the Vulcans and beam them aboard." T'Pak looked scared, "But Survic, if we get caught-" Survic cut her off, "NOW, please just do as I ask." She left to the transporter room and started beaming the Slaves on board. She sent some to take the rest of the transporter rooms to help.

Survic went to the Bridge and sat at the helm. The red alert klaxon sounded. The Computer's voice came over the Comm, "Enemy ship has targeted the Hope." At that Survic started up the engines and started flying the ship up, it crashed through the top of the hanger. Then the ship went up towards space. A Cardassian voice sounded the Bridge's comm system, "You slaves put that ship down NOW or die." Survic saw a Cardassian Warship coming his way on the view screen. Then Vulcan slaves started to come on the Bridge.

"Take a station now." Survic yelled. A Vulcan friend of his named Selat took the Tactical station, "I have tactical, Survic." Survic grinned, "Let that ship know, we ain't going back." Selat grinned and open fire on the Cardassian Warship.

"All the Vulcan slaves are aboard," said T'Pak over the intercom. "Raise Shields," Survic ordered. Survic took the ship up in orbit, then set the ship to maximum warp. The Stars turned into streaks as they warped away from Cardassia Prime.

"Shields are up and we have 3 Cardassian ships on our tail." reported Selat. "Keep firing at them," ordered Survic. The ship shook as the Cardassians fired at them. Survic yelled, "Open a comm-signal to Federation space."

"Channel open," said the Vulcan at the Comm-station. Survic spoke up, "This is Survic, commanding the Hope. We request assistance. We are in a Defiant Class Warship that was stolen by the Cardassians. If anyone can hear this, please help."

A few seconds later the face of Commander William T. Riker filled the screen, "I am Commander William T. Riker, Executive Officer of the USS Enterprise-D. Head to the border, we'll meet you there."

"Thank you," said Survic. He set a coarse for the Federation/Cardassian border towards the Enterprise.

On the Enterprise. Riker told Worf to send a message to Deep Space 9 to let Picard know they would be back after they took care of an Emergency. Then Riker had Worf search for any other Federation ships in the area for back up. Worf reported his reply, "Sir, the nearest Federation ship is the USS Excalibur, commanded by Captain Mackenzie Calhoun." Riker grinned at hearing the name of the current space cowboy of Starfleet and ordered, "Open a channel."

Mackenzie's image came on the view screen of the Enterprise, he asked, "William, what can I do for you?" Riker looked up at him with a little smirk, "We have a situation happening near the Cardassian/Federation border, want to come with us to play with the Cardassians?" Calhoun replied, "Sounds fun, on our way. Excalibur OUT!"

Survic flew his ship as fast as it would go to the border. Selat yelled out with a smile on his face, "We should be crossing the border in a few minutes, and there are 2 Federation ships waiting for us." The Hope shook as another volley of Cardassian fire hit them. Smoke filled the air, consoles were exploding through out the ship. But in a few minutes, it'll be the Cardassians getting the beating of a lifetime Survic mused.

Once he got close to the border Riker's voice came over the Comm, "Head striate to Vulcan, we'll take care of the Cardassians, and we'll send a ship to Vulcan to pick up that ship." Survic did as told as he warped past the 2 Federation Ships.

The Excalibur & Enterprise flew on each side of the Cardassian fleet, firing at the Cardassian ships as they went past. They each did a couple of loops around the rear 2 Cardassian ships firing at them. The the spiralled past the lead ship firing at both sides of it. The Cardassians turned around and warped back to Cardassia.

The Hope flew to Vulcan. He was glad when they would get there. The Hope was crowed with Vulcan ex-slaves of the Cardassian Union. T'Pak came behind Survic and said, "I'm glad your second escape attempt worked." Then she kissed him and walked to the Command Chair and sat in it.

Three days later they made it to Vulcan. Survic re-took the helm to land the ship. Most of them found surviving family members. But, a few didn't including Survic and T'Pak. They all went through extensive schooling. And were tutored to learn to suppress their emotions. Starfleet came and took the Hope to be repaired and put back into service. Survic took T'Pak as his mate.

Five years went by and Survic still failed at trying to 'purge' his emotions. Even the Vulcan masters thought he'd be better off somewhere else, Starfleet was suggested. Survic then enrolled in Starfleet and later left to Starfleet Academy. A ship took him to the Starbase in Earth's orbit, where Survic waited with some other Cadets to take a shuttle to the surface of Earth.

The Cadets got on the Shuttle. There was four other Vulcans, an Andorian, an Android, a Klingon, and a giant alien of a race he didn't recognize. The shuttle lifted off and flew out the shuttle bay and started to fly into the Earth's atmosphere.

"What are you looking at Klingon?," asked the giant alien, who appeared angry at the Klingon staring at him. "Haven't you seen a Hirogen before," the giant alien added with attitude. "No, actually I haven't, I've heard of your kind before though," the Klingon explained. "Well get over it, or I'll be the last thing you ever see," said the Hirogen. "I meant no disrespect by-" the Hirogen cut off the Klingon. "Shut up, Klingon," yelled the Hirogen. "Hey, it's a free-" the Klingon stopped talking when the Hirogen picked him up by his neck. the Klingon kicked the giant alien in the gut, to make the Hirogen drop him, it worked. Then the Hirogen punched the Klingon, sending him to the back of the shuttle. The Klingon stood up and jumped upon the giant. The fight was on as far as the Klingon was concerned. They were punching and chopping at each other like cats. Krothos put the Hirogen in a headlock and punched his face. The Hirogen lifted the Klingon up and threw him at the wall. The Klingon bounced off the wall like a bouncing ball and hit the floor.

"Stop fighting now," yelled the pilot angered at the two cadets. "That's an order," he added. They kept on fighting. The pilot said, "Shuttle Miri to Starfleet Command, we have a problem onboard."

"What's the problem?," asked the voice from Starfleet Command. "A Hirogen and a Klingon are fighting on my shuttle, and ignored my order to stop," the pilot reported. "The problem is noted, put the shuttle on autopilot and do the best you can to stop it," ordered the voice.

"Understood," said the pilot. He placed it on autopilot and grabbed a Type 2 phaser out of the shuttle drawer, set it on stun and fired between the fighting two. They didn't even slow down, he set it to maximum stun and fired again. They slowed down, but didn't stop. he set it to minimum kill and fired again. Both staggered to the floor. The pilot checked both pulses, they both were alive, but unconscious. He took the shuttle off autopilot and reported, "situation is now under control." A little while later the shuttle landed. They took the two unconscious cadets to the Academy Medical center. Survic went to get quarters and register for his classes.

Survic got a room with the android known as Mat Soong, the Klingon named Krothos, and the Hirogen named Tek'vrel. . "I'm curious, if Vulcans suppress their emotions, why don't you?," Mat asked the Survic.

"I wasn't raised by Vulcans, I was a slave on Cardassia," explained Survic. "When I was a young child the Vulcan Science Ship I was on with my parents was attacked by Cardassians, they killed all the adults, and kept the children as slaves," added Survic. "Sorry to bring up a painful memory, I had no desire to hurt you emotionally," the android said apologetically. "It's ok, I escaped five years ago, and I saved survivors of other ships," said Survic. "I'm Survic, and you," asked Survic. "Matrix Soong, son of Data, but you can call me Mat," said the android. "Krothos son of Toraq," announced Krothos. "Tek'vrel," said the giant Hirogen. Later that night the four roomies went to a local bar and hangout for Starfleet Cadets.

Four years later: Graduation Ceremony. Picard made his speech. Survic. Krothos, Tek'vrel, and Mat, were whispering instead of listening.

"Be quiet in formation," yelled their Drill Sergent. They whispered softer. Krothos told them he got married the night before. They teased him a little bit and planned a goodbye prank for Picard.

After the Ceremony Picard came and told the Cadets their first assignments and congratulated Krothos on his wedding. Ensign Krothos was assigned Security Officer onboard the 'Borg Defence Force' flagship Galaxy Class Warship USS Dakota, commanded by Captain Tuvok. Ensign Tek'vrel was assigned Marine Defiant Class Warship USS Reliant-A commanded by Captain Palmer. Ensign Survic was assigned Helm Officer on the Sovereign Class Warship USS Avenger commanded by Captain Davis. Lt. Soong "Mat" was assigned Chief Medical Officer (with promotion to Lt.) on the Nebula Class Warship USS Thunderbird commanded by Commander Nog. After the cadets left for the station Deep Space 11, where they would split up on their own ships, onboard the USS Enterprise-E; Picard went to his office to prepare the next batch of cadets to train. He opened the bottom drawer on his desk, and a bunch of springy party snake jumped out with a note on the bottom of the drawer. It said, "Your PADD is in your top drawer, Goodbye Admiral Picard, Krothos, Tek'vrel, Survic, and Mat." "Those four," Picard giggled.

In 2383 Lieutenant Survic was Assistant Chief Engineer of the USS Freedom. They were battling the Breen. Sparks was flying out of Consoles, other consoles were exploding left and right. The air filled with smoke. Survic and his fellow Engineers trying to keep the ship in one piece. His friends dying in front of him. He could tell from Engineering that they were having a tough time with this fight. The 'Red Alert' klaxon played it's tune non-stop.

"Survic, reroute power to the shields and weapons, everything except life-support." ordered the Chief Engineer Charles Okuda. Survic gave him a nod and did as ordered. Survic looked through the systems for every bit of power he could force into the shields and weapons. The ship shook a few more times. Several seconds after he completed his task, his Console exploded. He saw a big bright flash, then nothing as he felt himself fall to the floor and lose consciousness.

LATER: Survic woke up in the Sickbay of the USS Freedom. The colors on everything were different than he remembered and blurred. He looked at the Doctor who was standing next to his bed. "How are your Ocular Implants working?" asked the Doctor. "You were unconscious for 3 days Lt. Survic, when I scanned your injuries I found that you were blinded as well and installed the Ocular implants." added the Doctor.

"Everything seems discolored and blurry. The colors are blurry anyways, but besides that, everything seems normal in shapes and sizes." answered Survic.

"That's normal, you won't see the same, but you'll see better than everyone else. Except Geordi La Forge that is. He has a set too." said the Doctor.

"So, when can I return to duty?" asked Survic.

After you finished retraining with your new sight. You have to relearn what things look like with those. So you won't make a mistake. An Engineering mistake can prove fatal to everyone." replied the Doctor.

In 2388, Commander Survic, Executive Officer of the USS Ticonderoga was called to the Captain's Readyroom, by the CO Captain Carl Stark. He buzzed the door, when it opened Survic stepped in. "Reporting as Ordered, Sir."

"Sit down Survic." said Captain Stark. Survic complied. Carl added, "I just got Transfer orders for you from Starfleet Command. You are to go to the newest Starfleet Starbase. Starbase Saloon, it's in the Spartan Fleet sector. Your it's new Commanding Officer. Congratulations, Captain Survic."

"Thank You, Sir." replied Survic. After shaking Captain Stark's hand he went to his Quarters to pack. He made his way to the transporter room as he was informed they arrived at Starbase Saloon. In the transporter room a woman with Commander rank pips beamed onto the USS Ticonderoga.

"Permission to come aboard the USS Ticonderoga, Sir" said the woman.

"Permission Granted, Commander." said Survic.

She stepped down from the Transporter PADD, "Commander Suzi Dameron, the new XO. Sir, I haven't met the Captain yet, may I ask for advice and what to expect?"

Survic grinned, he couldn't resist the giving false advice to the new XO gag pioneered by Captain William T. Riker, "Well, Captain Stark isn't your typical by the book Captain. He likes to be called, 'Carl.' And he also likes old late 20th Century/Early 21st Century slang, suck as, 'Hey Carl, what's up?' Remember those and you'll be just fine."

"Thank you Sir." she said as she exited to report to duty. He was tempted to follow and watch, but he wanted to see his new Starbase.

Survic stepped onto the transporter pad, "Energize."

[Starbase Saloon]

In the transporter room on the Starbase Saloon there was three people there to Greet their new CO. Survic asked, "Permission to board the Starbase Saloon."

"Permission Granted, Sir. I'm Commander Hudson Hawk, your XO, this is Lieutenant Commander Suvok your Chief of Security, and Lieutenant Julie Adams, your Yeoman." said the Commander.

"Well Commander, lets drop off my things and show me around this Starbase." said Survic.

"Aye Sir. This Starbase just recently finished construction, it's the newest most Advanced Starbase in all of Starfleet. It also has the biggest Firepower. Not to mention it's the only Starbase with the Borg Armor brought home by the Voyager, after it got back from the Delta Quadrant. And when most Starbase's emergency impulse engines only go one quarter impulse, this is the only one to reach full impulse. It was designed with the Borg in mind." explained Commander Hawk.

Survic dropped off his things and took a tour of the Command area's of the Starbase. The Command Deck, Battle Deck, The Sickbay Hospital, The Prison Brig, and Ambassadorial sections. Then finally his Office, where they left him to get acquainted with it. The Computer announced a message from Starfleet Command was coming in. Survic called out, On Screen."

The image of Admiral Picard came on the screen, "Catch you at a bad time, Survic?"

"No Sir, what can I do for you?" replied Survic.

"I was wondering if my House warming gift arrived yet, Captain." said Picard.

"You heard, huh?" ask Survic.

"Heard?" asked Picard, then added, "I recommended you for the Position."

"So what is this House warming gift you sent me?" asked Survic as his Comm-badge beeped. Survic held up a finger and tapped it. "Captain Survic here, go ahead."

"Sir, what should we do with your Dog?" asked his Yeoman Julie Adams.

"Dog?" asked Survic.

Picard spoke up, "He's a Pittbull named Rex. That's your gift."

"Place him in my quarters, Survic OUT." he told her. He looked to Picard, "Thank you Sir."

"Don't mention it, It's an old Earth tradition for friends." explained Picard. Then added, "I have to get back to work, Enjoy your new Starbase, Captain. Picard OUT." The image of Picard was replaced by the Starfleet logo.

LATER: In his quarters, Survic sat on his bed petting his new little buddy Rex. "Funny, isn't it Boy? How a man could start out a slave of Cardassia, to a Commanding Officer of the most advanced Starbase, that Starfleet has to offer."


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