Survic's First Command

"Survic’s First Command”
A Starbase Saloon Fan Fiction
By: John Barnes

The year was 2387, the place was USS Freedom. Lieutenant Commander Survic was Chief Engineering Officer and the ‘Borg Defense Force’ division was considered at a state of war. It was a Fleet that patrolled the edge of Federation space closest to the direction of the Delta Quadrant, where Borg space is known to be at. Every once in a while since ‘Battle of Wolf 359’, a Borg vessel would be detected coming towards Federation space. The ship that detects it calls the rest of ships in the B.D.F. to their location as back-up.

“What is going on here?” asked Lt.Cmdr. Survic in a stern voice. He was walking into a back section of engineering that was an intersection for the Jefferies tubes in the large Nebula Class ship. They had a steaming device with copper wiring and a dripper. Survic zoomed in with his ocular implants and changed views to identify the device and contents. It was now clear to him what they were doing, moon-shining home made Romulan Ale. But the chemical mix was way off. They were about to have one of the crewmen test taste it.

Survic took the cup from the crewman’s hand and sniffed it, then poured its contents to the floor, “You guys are idiots, the dumbest of the dumb. Drink this and you’ll end up in sickbay or the morgue.”

They looked to each other and their chief with guilty looks on their faces. Survic smiled at them and said, “Get me some copper tubing double this length and I’ll show you how to do this right after shift. For now get back to work before I change my mind.”

They gave him volleys of ‘Yes Sir’ or ‘Aye Sir’ on their way back to their duty posts. Survic shook his head as he turned and left, locking the compartment. He went to work, checking on systems, finishing repairs from a previous encounter with a Borg scout ship. They were nearly finished and operating at yellow alert. Because when there’s a scout ship, there is most likely a bigger vessel on the way.

Out of the blue, red lights flashed throughout the ship as the red alert klaxons sounded. This was followed by the Captain’s voice over the intercom, “All hands to battle stations, this is a red alert. I repeat: all hands to battle stations, this is a red alert.”

“I’m going to the bridge, relay the engineering monitoring station to the bridge when I call for it,” Survic told his assistant chief. He walked out of main engineering saying, “You have the Engine Room, Lieutenant.”

Lieutenant Commander Survic arrived on the bridge and activated the engineering console on the back wall, “Survic to engineering, relay engineering controls to the bridge console.”

Survic’s console came to life and he checked the settings to make sure everything is as it should be. He turned to look at the view screen, sure enough they were getting close to a Borg Cube. Captain Walter Vinson looked to the Tactical Officer, “Scan the Cube, Lieutenant.”

“Sensor’s can’t penetrate their phasing shields,” reported the Tactical Officer.

“Target their tractor-beam,” ordered Captain Vinson.

“Targeting,” reported the Tactical Officer. His console beeped and he reported, “The Cube is hailing us.”

“On-screen,” ordered Captain Vinson. Once the interior of a Borg Cube filled the screen, he identified himself, “This is Captain Walter Vinson of the USS Freedom. You are violating Federation space. We order you withdraw imm-“

“We are the Borg. You will lower your shields and surrender your ship. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile. You will service us,” the Borg replied by their now all-famous assimilation speech.

“They closed the channel,” reported the Tactical Officer as the view screen showed the Cube again.

“Fire,” ordered Captain Vinson. The bridge crew watched as the USS Freedom’s weapons struck the Cube. The Tactical Officer reported, “Minor damage to the Cube. Their tractor beam is disabled.”

The Cube returned fire and the Freedom shook violently. Survic turned to his console to monitor the Freedom’s status and reported, “Shields down to 92%, minor damage to our ship, Captain.”

“Status of the Fleet?” asked Commander Travis Barker, the Freedom’s XO.

“Their on the way, the USS Ticonderoga, USS Avenger and USS Washington will be here in seven minutes. USS Voyager-D in eleven minutes,” reported the Helm Officer.

“Defensive pattern Kirk-Epsilon,” ordered Captain Vinson.

“Aye Sir,” replied the Helm Officer as he punched in the commands. The two ships battled it out, shooting back and forth as the Freedom circled the Cube, kept the ship moving fast to avoid getting hit. The Borg fired ahead of the Freedom, forcing the ship to run right into their line of fire. The ship shook violently and consoles exploded. Captain Vinson was tossed from his chair, smashing head-first into the back of the Helm chair, his neck cracking before he hit the floor.

Commander Barker rushed to Captain Vinson’s side and checked his pulse, “The Captain is dead. I’m assuming-.“ The Operation’s console exploded, killing the Operation’s Officer and tossing Commander Barker back. He flew and hit his head on the arm console of his XO’s chair. The Science Officer rushed to check on him, “Commander Barker is alive but unconscious.” He then checked the Operation’s Officer, “He’s dead too.”

The Science Officer stood and looked at Survic, “Sir, you’re now the ranking capable officer on the ship. You’re in command.”

Survic sighed, “I guess this is up to me now.” The ship shook again and Survic held on to the edge on his console to help keep his footing. He tapped his communicator, “Bridge to Sickbay, Medical Emergency. Helm, pull back in defensive pattern Survic-3DoorsDown-Kryptonite.”

The song played on the Bridge as the Helm Officer followed the navigational pattern that displayed on his screen. The Tactical Officer changed his firing pattern to coincide with the battle plan Survic had written into the computer. It was a hobby of Survic’s to develop tactical maneuvers and attack plans to the beat of old Earth songs. Survic lowered the volume of the music on the bridge, but kept it on. He pressed a button on his console to signal someone in Engineering to come to the bridge and relieve is post.

Medical personnel arrived on the bridge and Survic told them, “Commander Barker is still alive. The other two is dead.”

They went to Commander Barker first, getting him on a floating stretcher. Then he was hurried to sickbay as the rest finished bagging the two bodies and floating them off to the morgue. Then an Engineer reported to the bridge. Survic left his console and moved down to the ‘command center’ of the bridge, “Change to quantum torpedoes.”

“Aye Sir,” replied the Tactical Officer, changing the order from photon torpedoes to quantum torpedoes.

“The Ticonderoga, Washington and Avenger has arrived and are joining in the fight,” reported the Helm Officer.

“Good, the ship already has moderate level of damage. The Cube is minimal to lightly moderate damage,” reported the Engineer.

“Triangulate our attack with their tactical officers at these coordinates,” ordered Survic as he typed them into the tactical console.

“Sir, the coordinates you entered do not appear to be a vital system,” objected the Tactical Officer.

“You’re in the B.D.F. so I assume you took the course developed by Picard on tactics to use on the Borg?” asked Survic.

“Yea- Yes Sir,” replied the Tactical Officer realizing what Survic was getting at. The console beeped, “The Fleet is ready.”

“Fire at will. Helm, attack pattern: Survic-Eve6-Inside-Out,” ordered Survic.

“Aye Sir,” replied the Helm Officer as he typed in the commands. The ship flew in a swift pattern that kept it moving in a pattern that would make a weapons lock on it next to impossible. The entire fleet fired at the coordinates that Survic had indicated. A few minutes into the fight, the Voyager-D joined the battle firing everything they had. The five Federation ships circled the Cube as the unified to fire at the Cube continuously, non-stop.

“Sir, the Cube is concentrating its fire power solely on the Avenger,” reported the Tactical Officer.

“Cover the Avenger, tell them to get out of here and begin repairs. We may need them back to relieve one of the other ships that may get badly damaged,” ordered Survic.

“Aye-,” replied the Tactical Officer, but he stopped in mid-sentence as he read the readings on his console. He reported, “The Avenger’s too badly damaged now. She’s going to blow, it’s immanent.”

“No,” Survic said with a saddened look on his face as he lifted himself from the chair and went to the view screen. He reached at it as if trying to send his arms into the screen and pull the Avenger to safety. But then it exploded in front of them, the small ship was in a bunch of smaller pieces.

“You knew them Sir?” asked the Helm Officer.

Survic nodded, silent at first, “That was the first ship I ever served on. I was on there before being posted here.”

“Sorry Sir,” replied the Helm Officer.

“Sir, the Cube is turning their firing solution at us,” reported the Tactical Officer.

“Evasive maneuvers,” ordered Survic as he sat back in his chair. He pressed the intercom button, “All hands, brace for impact.” The Borg fired a volley of torpedoes at the Freedom. The ship shook violently and consoles exploded left and right. Smoke filled the air, sticking to the sweating flesh of the crew, making their skin and uniforms look dirty. Their hair was ruffled by the bumpy ride.

“Our shields at 12%, hull breaches on decks 9 thru 13 in sections 15 thru 19. The weapons are offline,” reported the Tactical Officer.

“Helm, prepare for ramming speed,” ordered Survic as he glared at the Cube on the now fuzzy snowy screen.

“Sir, incoming transmission from the Ticonderoga,” reported the Tactical Officer.

“Lets hear it,” said Survic.

“This is Captain Stark of the Ticonderoga, Freedom get out of here. You’ll do no good sticking around in your condition,” ordered the Captain of the Ticonderoga.

“Helm, set a course out of here, warp seven. Wait for my command to engage. Lieutenant, you have the bridge,” Survic told the Tactical Officer as he stood and left the bridge.

Lt.Cmdr. Survic ran to the Captain’s yacht, he gained entrance and powered up the small attached vessel and disconnected from the Freedom. He tapped his communicator, “Survic to Freedom. Engage!”

Survic watched as the massive ship warped away, he in the Captain’s yacht warped in a slightly different direction. He got the battle on one of the screens, watching the Washington, Voyager-D and Ticonderoga circling the Cube as they kept blasting it with everything they had. Survic aimed the Captain’s yacht at the crater the ships were blasting into the Cube. He set the warp drive and hand his hand over the forward phaser array button. He punched the small ship into warp and fired the phasers in one long continuous burst. His phaser drilled deeper into the Cube as he warped right at it.

“Computer, lock onto the nearest Federation ship and beam me to it, site to site. Detect and send me through their shield’s frequency rotation. ENERGIZE,” Survic disappeared as the phasers overloaded, the console he was using exploded. Then he appeared on the Bridge of one of the three Federation ships. He looked at the plaque on the wall next to the turbolift. It read: USS Ticonderoga NCC-74676.

“The occupant of the captain’s yacht has beamed aboard our bridge. The Cube has been destroyed,” reported the Ticonderoga’s Tactical Officer. The crew turned to look at Survic.

“Permission to come aboard?” asked Survic.

“Permission Granted, Lieutenant Commander. Great work,” said Captain Stark as he stood from his center chair and came to Survic. He extended his hand, “Captain Carl Stark.”

“Lieutenant Commander Survic, Chief Engineer of USS Freedom. I was the Officer in Command,” Survic replied as he shook the Captain’s hand.

“What happened to Captain Vinson?” asked Carl.

“He’s dead, died in the initial blow from the Cube,” Survic replied.

“My first officer died too. What about yours?” Carl asked while looking at the body of a female Commander being carried off the bridge by medics.

“In sickbay, he got injured,” replied Survic.

“Ensign Abner, contact the Freedom and tell them it’s ok to come back and pick up their Chief Engineer,” ordered Captain Stark.

“Aye Captain,” replied the young lady at the communication’s console.

The next day, Lieutenant Commander Survic reported to the Captain’s Ready Room as ordered by Barker. When the doors hissed open he noticed Barker now had Captain rank pips on his collar and there was another Vulcan in the room, a Commander. Survic saw Admiral Hollinger on the computer screen. Survic spoke out, “Reporting as ordered.”

“Great job yesterday with the Borg Cube, Mr. Survic. Starfleet needs more good Command Officers with ‘out of the box’ thinking. Your actions have some of us believing that you may be destined to become one of the greats: Calhoun, Riker, and Kirk. We’re promoting you to the rank of Commander,” Barker said as he walked around the desk to Survic. He removed the black pip and replaced it with a gold one.

“I’m going to be your Executive Officer?” asked Survic.

“No. Commander S’Varr here is. Captain Stark requested that you become his Executive Officer on the USS Ticonderoga. At least while you’re training to become a Commanding Officer. That’s what Starfleet wants to make you,” replied Captain Barker.

“Thank you Sir. And congratulations on your promotion to Captain,” replied Survic.

“Thanks Commander. Now get into a red uniform and pack. Then beam over to the Ticonderoga and report to Captain Stark,” ordered Barker.

“Yes Captain,” replied Survic. He turned to leave when the Admiral on the screen spoke.

“Congratulations Commander Survic. I shall be watching your career with great interest,” said Admiral Hollinger.

“Thank you Admiral Hollinger,” replied Survic.

“Dismissed,” said the Admiral. Survic turned and left the room.

Hours later in a new red uniform that went good with his three gold pips, Commander Survic reported to Captain Stark on the bridge of the Ticonderoga. Then Captain Stark called a Senior Officer’s meeting for them to meet the new Executive Officer and for him to meet them.

Survic stood and spoke, “Greetings. I’m Commander Survic, the new Executive Officer. Let me do a roll call to put some names with faces. Lt. Allen, Strategic Operations Officer.”

“Here,” called one of the men.

“Lt(JG). Stock, Helm?” asked Survic.

“Here,” he called.

“Lt(JG). Buck, Chief of Security,” asked Survic.

“Here,” he called raising his hand as visual aid.

“Lt(JG). Abner?” asked Survic. Then he said, “If memory serves, she was an Ensign yesterday.”

“She got promoted too,” replied Captain Stark.

“Congratulations Lieutenant,” said Survic.

“Thank you Commander and Congratulations to you too,” she said.

“Ensign Madden, Chief of Operations and Acting Science Chief?” asked Survic reading from his PADD.

“Here,” he called.

“Ensign Hancock-,” Survic was cut off by a male and a female, both Ensigns.

“Which one?” they asked together.

Survic read his PADD, “Ah, there are two Ensign Hancock’s. Danielle, the Chief Medical Officer. That is you. And that leaves Kevin, the Chief Tactical and MACO Officer. Ok and lastly, Acting Ensign Barnes, Acting Chief Engineer. Should I be concerned here?”

“Since the war with the Borg started, we lost a lot of Engineers. He was actually an enlisted one,” Captain Stark explained.

“Here,” said the last young man.

“Alright, that’ll due for introductions. Now let’s see what this Intrepid Class Starship can do,” Survic said. Then he ordered, “Dismissed.”

As the crew was leaving, Captain Stark stood, “Go to the quartermaster and get your quarter’s access code. Then drop off your things and report to the Bridge. Then I’ll let you take us out of here.”

“Yes Sir,” replied Survic. He did just that, got the access code to the Executive Officer’s quarters. He dropped off his things and changed the access code from the default. After that he returned to the Bridge. He sat to Captain Stark’s right, “What is our mission Sir?”

“We are going to Sector 025 to track down and stop some pirates from the Orion Syndicate that’s pirating Federation cargo ships,” replied Captain Stark.

“Mr. Stock, set a course to Sector 025, warp factor 5,” ordered Survic. The Helm Officer typed in the commands.

“Course laid in Sir,” replied Lt(JG) Stock.

“Engage,” ordered Survic. The ship turned to the indicated direction and jumped into warp. The stars streaked across the view screen.

“Oh Commander, I want to officially welcome you aboard. However, you are to NEVER under any circumstances unless the ship is sure to be destroyed, ram my Captain’s yacht into another ship or otherwise destroy it. Do I make myself clear?” asked Captain Stark.

“Yes Sir,” replied Survic with a sympathetic smile.


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