Survic's Kobayashi Maru Test

"Survic's Kobayashi Maru Test"
A Starbase Saloon Fan Fiction
By: John Barnes

"The time is 0500 hours," announced the computer in a loud voice to wake up the Cadets.

Cadet Survic opened his eyes and looked to his dorm mates. His sight was blurry, but he could still make out the faces of Cadets Krothos, Matrix Soong and Tek'vrel. He smiled, today was the day he was to take his Kobayashi Maru test. He was excited and nervous. All four cadets got out of bed and started their morning exercise routine. They started out with jumping jacks, then push ups, sit up and stretched for a bit. Then they went running their laps around the Starfleet Academy campus. When they returned they took their showers and dressed into their Starfleet Cadet uniforms. Then they went to breakfast at the mess hall.

After breakfast they went to the testing center to sign-in. Survic approached the instructor, "Cadet Survic reporting in for Kobayashi Maru test."

"Good Cadet. In this senario the Kobayashi Maru is a ship that is under attack by 3 Cardassian Galor Class Warships. You must decide your course of action. Remember it is a test of character, there is no right or wrong answers. Are you ready?" asked the instructor.

"Yes Sir," replied Survic.

"This is your crew?" asked the instructor.

"Yes Sir. Tek'vrel will be at Tactical, Krothos will be at Helm and Matrix will be at Engineering," replied Survic.

"Alright and I'll assign 3 fillers at Communications, Operations and Science to give you a full Bridge Crew. Take your stations cadets in Simulator Bridge 8," ordered the instructor.

Survic led his crew to simulator bridge 8 and they all took their stations. Before long everything came to life as if they were on an actual ship traveling through space.

"Captain, I am getting a distress call from a transport ship calling itself the 'Kobayashi Maru'. They are under attack and request assistance," reported the Cadet at the communications console.

"Verify authenticity," ordered Survic.

"Verified," replied the communications officer.

"Feed their coordinates to the Helm," Survic ordered.

Krothos received the information and warned, "Sir, that takes us into the Cardassian Neutral Zone."

"Lay in a course Mr. Krothos. Maximum warp," Survic ordered. He looked to Tek'vrel, "Red Alert, all hands to battle stations."

On the view screen it showed the ship warping to the distress call where they found the 3 Cardassian ships blasting away at a fleeing transport ship.

"Open a channel to the Cardassians," ordered Survic.

"Channel open," replied the communications officer.

"Cardassian vessels, you are in violation the the Neutral Zone treaty. You are ordered to cease your attack and leave the area immediately or you will be fired upon," Survic yelled over the channel.

"They are breaking off their attack on the transport," reported Tek'vrel. Then he added, "And coming right for us."

"Fire at the lead vessel," ordered Survic.

Tek'vrel fired a wave of fire power at the lead Cardassian ship.

"They are returning fire," reported Tek'Vrel as the bridge shook and a few spark shot out here and there.

"Attack pattern Kirk-Epsilon," Survic ordered.

"Aye," replied Krothos as he flew the ship in the designed pattern.

"More power to the shields Mr. Soong," Survic ordered.

"Yes Sir," Matrix made the needed adjustments.

The battle raged on and Survic's ship was taking a pounding. Consoles blew and his Science & Operations officers were 'dead'.

"Shields at 12%, we can't take many more hits," warned Tek'vrel.

"Computer, set auto-destruct. Code: 123 ABC," Survic ordered and he looked at Krothos.

"Code: 231 BCA," said Krothos. Survic and Krothos looked to Matrix.

"Code: 312 CAB," said Matrix. Everyone looked at Survic.

"Code: 321 CBA, 5 minutes silent countdown. Enable," ordered Survic.

"Self-Destruct armed, 5 minute countdown. There will be no further audio warning," said the Computer.

The bridge shook more as the fight still continued, Tek'vrel saw to that. Survic looked to the communications officer, "Signal our surrender."

"Sir?" asked the communications officer.

"WE SURRENDER," barked Survic.

"Cardassian vessel, we surrender. I repeat, we surrender," said the communications officer.

A Cardassian face appeared on the screen, "Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded." Then the screen showed the Carassain ships closing in.

"Lower our shields, deactivate weapons," Survic ordered.

Tek'vrel followed his orders. Then hologram Cardassians appeared on the Bridge and their life signs were being added all over the ship on one of the screens.

"We annex this ship in the name of the Cardassian Union and you are now all slaves of Cardassia. Show any resistance and you will be killed," said the Cardassian Leader of the party that beamed onto the Bridge. He then looked around, "Who is in charge here?"

"I am," said Survic.

"You will give me full computer control of this ship," said the Cardassian leader.

"I will give you the opportunity to kiss your ass good-bye," replied Survic with a wicked grin.

"How dare you speak to me like that?" said the Cardassian, hitting Survic in the gut with the butt of his phaser rifle.

Survic coughed and then laughed.

"What is so damned funny?" spat the Cardassian.

"You haven't noticed have you? All three of your ships have closed in with their shields down to beem troops here as fast as they can. And our self-destruct is on," Survic laughed.

"WHAT?" said the Cardassian with the look of a dear caught in headlights on his face as he looked around the bridge for the screen that had the count-down. There were mere seconds left on the clock. He looked back to Survic.

"And your out of time," Survic finished and the room went white as the ship blew up, taking all 3 Cardassian ships with it. Then it turned into an empty holodeck with Survic and 6 other Cadets in it. The two 'dead' ones stood back up.

The doors opened and the instructor clapped his hands as he entered. He said, "I believe you are the first since James T. Kirk to beat the no-win scenario. And you didn't have to reprogram the computer. Granted you lost to win, but it still counts. I think the thing that is clear here is we can expect great things from you."

"Thank you Sir," replied Survic with the biggest grin. Some people still weren't too used to seeing a Vulcan smile.

"Most people never think of the setting the self-destruct and luring them in method. They just got out in a blaze of glory," said the instructor.

Survic smiled at Krothos and Tek'vrel, both who kept fighting until they were destroyed. Matrix actually rammed the ship into the enemy taking out one of theirs along with his.

Survic and his crew went to the rest of their classes and his solution to his 'Kobayashi Maru' test was the talk of the campus. Afterwards they went to the local bar where they hung out and Krothos' girlfriend Ivy worked to celebrate.


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