Name: Tek'vrel
Race: Hirogen
D.O.B: February 10, 2358
Age: 33
Eyes: Bluish Silver
Hair: None (kinda scaley skin)
Height: 7 feet 8
Weight: 325 lbs

Father: Shaz'ka (Deceased)
Mother: Neesha
Younger Brother: Pek'tar (Pek'tar has a wife, Chrizza; and 5 kids: 3 sons and 2 daughters.)
Younger Sister: Dee'Triss (conceived just before Shaz'ka's death.)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Personality: Aggressive, sorta like Klingons. Have a sense of Honor. Loves to hunt, and loves battle. Obedient, and will obey orders.

Physical Description: Tall, Muscled, Bulky (kinda like Arnold Shwartzenegger), heart shaped head, cat-ish like face.

Specialty Fields: Targeting and firing ship weapons, noted as Fastest at targeting in Starfleet history.

On February 10, 2358 (Earth Calendar), Tek'vrel was born to Shaz'ka & Neesha on a Hirogen colony world in the Delta Quadrant. Shaz'ka died on a hunt in 2361. In 2373, Tek'vrel became a Hunter, under the training of his Alpha, Tez'zar. In 2374, their ship was some how sucked into the Alpha Quadrant. Tez'zar had died, the ship was heavily damaged. Tek'vrel was rescued by Starfleet. Tek'vrel then joined Starfleet Academy. He was noted as the fastest in Starfleet history on the targeting simulations. In 2379 Ensign Tek'vrel graduated and was assigned MACO Defiant Class Warship USS Avenger, commanded by Captain Palmer, where he served as a Tactical Officer. In 2380, he transferred to the USS Pegasus. In 2385, he made Assistant Chief Tactical Officer at the rank of Lieutenant (JG). In 2390, he was promoted to Lieutenant. In 2391, he was transferred to USS New Hampshire-A as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

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