The Qo'noS Directive

"The Qo’noS Directive"
By: John Barnes

"Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate: 238109.12. We have discovered that the Romulans are again attempting to build a ‘meta-weapon’. IKS Blood Thirst has been assigned to locate and destroy it, along with the facility that is building it. The Marine team that will beam over to set the detonators will be led by my wife, Colonel Lothar. She will also assume the temporary position as Executive Officer of the IKS Blood Thirst during this mission. Due to the extreme dangers of this mission, Kahless & Lina are on Planet Alpha, being cared for by our friend Ambassador Sildya Fangali-Bast. Starfleet will of course deny any missions within Romulan space if we are to be captured. But in the event that my ship is captured, I as a Klingon Warrior must set the self-destruct and destroy the IKS Blood Thirst. The Federation Officers may abandon ship if they wish, but I will remain onboard to make sure the ship is destroyed. And will die trying to make sure the self-destruct is not interrupted. That is our ‘mission-failed’ plan. End Log,” reported Major Krothos.

Krothos stood and went to the Bridge, “Report.” Lothar stood from the Command Chair, “We are nearing the Romulan/Federation border, cloaked.”

“Good,” replied Krothos. Then added, “You wanted to meet with me?” Lothar nodded, “Yes, in your ready room?” Krothos extended his arm in the direction as if to say ‘ladies first’. She walked into the ready-room and he followed her in. Lothar then turned to face him, “As you know full and well, this is a Marine Mission. Commander Nambia maybe able to let you go on away mission, but as I am your XO for now, I do NOT. Do we understand each other?” Krothos replied, “I would not presume to debate you.” Lothar leaned up and kissed Krothos softly on the lips. After they broke apart she added, “That is wise.”

Krothos and Lothar made their way to the Bridge and Krothos called out, “Report.” The Helm Officer read his console and replied, “We are cloaked and nearing the Romulan Neutral Zone. I take this moment to remind you that if caught, we will be in violation of Neutral Zone treaty.”

“If we are caught Mr. Simms, this ship will self-destruct,” Krothos informed him. Ensign Simms nodded, “A-a-aye Sir.” The Helm Console beeped and Ensign Simms read the readings and added, “Now entering the Romulan Neutral Zone.”

Lothar left the Bridge to prep her Marine Team.

Several hours passed by incident free. The Science Console beeped and the Science Officer, Lieutenant Vortek, reported, “Major Krothos, I am reading a Temporal Disturbance.”

“Where?” asked Krothos. Lt. Vortek looked at his console, “Your ready-room.” Krothos stood from his chair, “Notify Security and have them send a team on stand-by on the Bridge.

Krothos then went to his ready-room. Once inside he fell into a state of shock at what he had seen.

“Greeting, younger me,” said an older Krothos sitting at the chair behind the desk, wearing a highly decorated Klingon uniform. Then he added, “Your Security Team, you won’t need them.” Major Krothos waved off his Security forces as they were at the doorway.

“Why are you here?” asked Major Krothos. The older Krothos replied, “To make sure that you will be prepared. Hard times will be coming your way, on your path to becoming Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. That’s what I am in my time.”

“You realize by even telling me that you are violating the Prime Directive,” warned Major Krothos. Chancellor Krothos stood, “What I am discussing is Klingon Empire business. And in the Klingon Empire, the Prime Directive doesn’t exist, at least not yet.”

“You intend to make one after this?” asked Major Krothos. “Not exactly,” replied Chancellor Krothos. Then he added, “The Klingon Empire is in talks to join the Federation in my time. There is a very high chance it will succeed.”

Major Krothos smirked, “I’ve always hoped that would eventually happen, and in my life-time.”

“When your Chancellor, you’ll have the power to make it happen,” replied Chancellor Krothos. The Chancellor saw the Major smirk a bit, before it faded as his mind shifted thoughts. Chancellor Krothos then added, “You’re worried about the Away Team, wondering if you should go with them anyways. I assure you, they will succeed without your direct help. As I recall, as far as things going wrong, this mission will be pretty…. uneventful.”

“Really?” asked Major Krothos. “Really,” confirmed Chancellor Krothos. Then he added, “All you’ll accomplish by going along is pissing off Lothar.” Both Chancellor & Major Krothos chuckled at that.

Lothar readied her team for their mission in the cargo bay. The Marines were doing a weapons check to insure they were in good working order when Major Krothos’s voice came over the intercom, “Major Krothos to Marine Team. We are nearing our coordinates. Lock and load, prepare for transport.”

The sound of pulse phaser rifles being activated filled the room. They quickly checked each other’s body armor straps. Lothar stepped in the middle of them all, “OK people, this is the moment of truth. We beam in; we kill any Romulans that get in between us and the main reactor. We set it to overload, destroy the console so they can’t stop it, then we beam back. And they go boom, any questions?”

Nobody replied. Lothar then adds, “OK. Let’s do this.” She taps on her communicator, “Lothar to Bridge, Marines ready for beam in.”

“Krothos to Lothar, beam in will commence in approximately one minute and thirty-eight seconds. Good luck to you all,” replied Major Krothos. Chancellor Krothos was observing calmly at the side of the Command Chair.

“If you came here from the future, what makes you think the Romulans haven’t sent someone back in time to prevent this?” Major Krothos asked the Chancellor.

Chancellor Krothos replied, “Because in my time, the Romulan Star Empire no longer exists. It is under the direct control of the Klingon Empire. You will conquer it the next time they attempt to build a Meta-Weapon. Except to become a member of the Federation, I’ll have to free the Romulans. We are negotiating with the Romulans that if they too agree to join the Federation, then we will free them.”

“I enslave the Romulan race?” asked Major Krothos, shocked.

“Believe me, at the time it will be deemed necessary. They need to be controlled; they are unstable as a Government. Frequently a new faction always comes to power and changes the way they do things,” replied Chancellor Krothos.

“Major, we are in transporter range,” reported the Helm Officer.

Major Krothos tapped his comm.-panel on his command chair, “Krothos to transporter room, Energize.”

“Aye Sir, the Marines are now on the Romulan Base,” reported the Transporter Chief.

On the Romulan Base, Lothar led her Marines through covertly. They sifted and snuck through halls and around corners. They remained low and silent. One of her Marines spotted a Romulan Guard patrolling towards them and took him out with a bolt of phased energy. He and another Marine crept to the body and opened the nearest door. It looked like a janitorial closet and they pushed the Romulan corpse into the closet. Once they returned to the team, they moved on.

They found a lab where Lothar and her top aide took a peek in the window. Romulan scientists were building the Meta-Weapon. It looked like a ship that had the ability to create a sub-space tear, which would destroy anything within a light-year of the blast.

Lothar looked to her team, pointing as she gave out her orders, “You two disable the internal sensors. You two set charges on the north end. You two set charges on the east end. You two set charges on the south end. And you and I will set charges on the west end. Once we complete these assignments, meet back at the beam-in point. Watch your backs, BREAK!”

The Team broke into five teams of two and begun to carry out Lothar’s orders. Lothar and her aide headed for the west end. He aide asked, “Shouldn’t we just set the weapon their building to detonate? It’ll look like an accident and give them a taste of their own medicine.”

“No, the Federation is in peace talks with the Romulans. This will make them think the faction currently in power is serious about that,” replied Lothar.

“How are you so sure?” asked her aide.

Lothar showed him one of the charges, “The charges we brought are Romulan technology. This base isn’t run by the faction currently in charge. But whoever authorized this will think that their new Praetor knows something is going on here and doesn’t approve. Hopefully it’ll scare them into not trying again.”

“Romulan Politics is so confusing,” replied the aide.

“Especially since one faction is never in power for too long. It seems to be an unstable government,” Lothar said. Then put up her hand to silence any further conversation. She peeked around the corner and saw a Romulan guard headed their way. She jumped out from behind the corner and let him have it as she shot a blast into his torso.

“Amazing that the internal sensors didn’t go off, considering we’ve fired at least two shots in here,” said Lothar’s aide.

“These plasma rifles are based off a proto-type of a Tal Shiar weapon designed not to be picked up by Romulan sensors, incase they ever had to handle an internal security problem. A gift to us, from Commander Delotra,” replied Lothar.

“Ah yes, she assisted the USS Enterprise-E against Praetor Shinzon. And started peace talks with Captain Riker of the USS Titan,” her aide recalled the recent events.

“Exactly,” replied Lothar. They had reached the west end and began setting up the first charge. She handed one to her aide, “Place this over there, next to the third door down the hall.”

Her aide kept in a chuckle as she said the name of his favorite old time band ‘3 Doors Down’ in the past tense. Lothar shook her head; sometimes she didn’t understand the Human sense of humor as she heard him stifle his chuckle.

In the Sensor control room, one of the Marine knocked on the door. Once the guard inside opened it, the other Marine blasted him down. They entered the control room and disabled the internal sensors and external sensors systems because they were there. Then they blasted away at all the consoles in the room to insure sensors would never be restored, especially before the place blew up.

One Marine said to the other, “Mission Complete!” They gave each other high fives, and then headed back to the beam-in point.

Once all the charges were placed, the team met at the beam-in point. When Lothar and her aide arrived the team was together and the two she sent to disable the sensors were smoking replicated cigars.

“What are you two doing?” asked Lothar.

“Having ourselves a well earned and well deserved victory cigar,” replied one of the Marines. Lothar signed and thought, ~Men…~

Lothar saw a spark fly out of the wall. She took a closer look and the consol had a hole blasted into it, “You shot up the sensor room, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” replied one of the smoking men.

“And every other console on the walls all the way here. So when they go to the sensor room to see why they are blind as a bat, NOW THEY HAVE A TRAIL TO FOLLOW TO THE BEAM-IN POINT. YOU IDIOTS!” yelled Lothar.

The two men looked at each other with guilty looks, realizing her point. By now all the Marines had their rifles aimed at the way the two men came from. They heard footsteps headed their way.

Lothar grabbed her detonator and keyed in the detonation codes. Then tapped her communicator, “Krothos, we’re at the beam-in point. GET OUR ASSES THE HELL OUT OF HERE!”

Krothos could be heard yelling, “Energize.” The Marines blasted at the Romulans as they came around the corner. After the first few shots, the Marines were beaming back to the IKS Blood Thirst.

One of the Marines had fired as he was being transported. Once on the Blood Thirst, his blast slammed into the Transporter Chief’s consol. Sparks flew out as the console rendered useless. The Chief jumped back in fright, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?”

“Sorry,” apologized the Marine. He looked back to make sure everyone made it. All the Marines were onboard. Then he continued, “I was firing at the Romulans when you beamed us.”

“Next time when you hear someone requesting a beam-out: hide behind something, stay still, and most of all NEVER FIRE!” yelled the Transporter Chief. He shook a bit as if trying to shrug off his state of shock.

“Report to Sickbay,” Lothar ordered the Transporter Chief. Then she turned to her Marines, “And you three report to the Brig for the return trip to Planet Alpha.”

The two with the cigars and the transporter consol killer handed their rifles to other Marines. Then they walked out, heading to the Brig.

Lothar yelled, “And get rid of those damn cigars.” The two handed them to Lothar. Then they continued to the Brig.

Lothar entered the Bridge to someone announcing, “Colonel on the Bridge!”

“As you were, where is Krothos?” asked Lothar.

“Both are in the ready room. He said you’re in charge when you arrived and asked not to be disturbed,” replied the Helm Officer.

“Understood, the base?” asked Lothar.

“Exploded right after the away team beamed back,” reported the Tactical Officer.

“Set a course to Planet Alpha, warp 5. Remain cloaked until we’re in the Solar System of Planet Alpha,” ordered Lothar as she sat in the command chair.

“Course set,” replied the Helm Officer.

“Engage,” ordered Lothar. She watched the stars streak through the view screen.

In Krothos’s ready room the Chancellor Krothos was bringing together the path he had taken to become Chancellor. The Chancellor told his tale to the Major, “In about 10 years from now Torral will move against the Empire and kill Martok. He will become the ‘Emperor’ and bring the Empire to times of Dishonor. Two years later you will overthrow Torral, killing him. Something Worf never had done when given the option at the end of the original Klingon Civil War. Then you are elected Chancellor. Some odd years later a new government comes to power in the Romulan Star Empire. They attempted to rebuild the Meta-Weapon. When the K.I.I. reported this, I alerted the Federation Council and Klingon High Council. We declared war against the Romulan Star Empire and took it over in a heated battle. The war was long and hard on both sides. But when we took control of Romulus, we had won. We placed them under a state of Martial Law. They rioted and we tighten our grip on them. When they learned how the system worked they complied with us in time, allowing us to loosen our grip. Now the Romulans and Klingon Soldiers co-exist on Romulus quite peacefully. It’s also the first stable government the Romulans ever had. And we were in power for a longer time than each individual faction of the Romulan government had ever been in power.”

“And now the Federation wants to accept the Klingon Empire into the United Federation of Planets. But for it to follow through, the Klingons must release the Romulans and remove their forces from Romulan space. So you’re trying to talk them into joining the UFP as well,” Major Krothos finished.

“Correct,” replied the Chancellor. Then he added, “During the 2 years of Torral’s reign, you will be needed on Starbase Saloon, with Survic commanding. He will need your help. Be prepared to fight the Borg. Pek’ToS will be there to help as well.”

“I had no doubt my younger brother would help me,” replied Major Krothos.

“In my time I’ve made him Director over the Klingon Defense Force. He too is on the Council,” said the Chancellor.

“A wise choice, a Klingon trusts nobody more than his own brother,” replied the Major. The Chancellor nodded.

Chancellor Krothos then added, “I really must be getting back to my time. I have a meeting with Ambassador Spock to negotiate with the Romulans.”

“Good luck,” replied the Major. Then the Chancellor brought out a device and typed in a set of commands. A small gateway was formed and the Chancellor stepped through it and was gone. Major Krothos saw the interior of a futuristic Klingon High Council Chambers, just before the gateway closed behind the Chancellor.

Major Krothos has stood to see off the Chancellor and then sat back down as he left. He tapped his communicator, “Krothos to Lothar, report to my ready room.”

Lothar entered the ready room and only saw her husband, “Your other self left, huh?” She walked into the room and sat on the edge of his desk. She kissed her husband.

After the kiss broke Krothos replied, “Yes my wife. What was that for?”

“Trusting me for commanding the mission and obeying me for not tagging along and because I love you,” Lothar replied. She handed him one of the cigar’s and placed the other in her mouth, “To victory!”

“To victory,” Krothos repeated. Then he asked, “So the mission was a success?”

“Barely, two men shot up a trail from the sensor control room to the beam-in point. And a third destroyed the transporter consol when we beamed aboard. All 3 are in the Brig for the return trip. Luckily we all made it back in one peace. One of my girls got hit in the arm by a Romulan and I had her sent to sickbay with a shaken up transporter chief,” reported Lothar.

“I keep telling you that your men are too wild,” said Krothos.

“Yeah, but their damn good at their job, when their heads are in the right place,” replied Lothar. Lothar and Krothos kissed again and started smoking their victory cigars.

Once the IKS Blood Thirst entered the Alpha system it decloaked and headed fro Planet Alpha. Krothos was in his ready room working on the mission reports to be sent to Nick, Tanya and Rond. Lothar was in command on the Bridge.

Krothos began his last log for the mission, “Commanding Officer’s Log Supplemental; We arrived back to Planet Alpha to drop off the Marines and to repair my transporter consol. I’ve just received a message from Nick that Lothar is being promoted to Brigadier General. She’ll be thrilled. Now we are equal in rank, but I still can pull seniority. The 3 Marines are being released from the Brig today. The mission was successful, barely. Otherwise the trip was uneventful. End Log.”

Krothos then ordered, “Computer erase all information logged referring to any temporal disturbance and Chancellor Krothos. Send a message to everyone with knowledge about him and Order of Silence. Then erase the messages from the system once deleted.” The computer beeped in acknowledgement.

On the Bridge, Commander Kalita Nambia entered, “Reporting as ordered.”

Lothar stood from the command chair, “Computer transfer the Executive Officer Command Codes back to Commander Kalita Nambia, effective immediately.”

“Does Commander Kalita Nambia accept Executive Officer Position?” asked the Computer.

“I do,” replied Kalita.

The Computer beeped, “Executive Officer of IKS Blood Thirst is now activated to Commander Kalita Nambia and deactivated to Colonel Lothar.”

Lothar stepped aside to offer Kalita the command chair, “I need to get my team ready for departure. You have the bridge.” Lothar then left the Bridge as Kalita sat in the command chair.

Krothos went to meet Lothar in the Armory, where the Marines based themselves on the ship. Lothar was making sure her Marines had everything. Krothos walked to his wife and handed her a PADD, “Here are Nick’s orders for you.”

Lothar read the PADD, “As of this Stardate I am promoted to Brigadier General.” She smiled at Krothos and kissed him deeply. She then said, “Thanks Hun.”

“Thank Nick, I’m just the messenger. But I will accept the kiss,” replied Krothos.

“Fair enough,” Lothar replied with a grin.

Lothar’s aide came up to her, “Colonel Lothar, the Marines are ready for departure.”

Krothos said to him in a slight enough growl to scare the officer into shaking a bit, “She is now a Brigadier General to you soldier boy!”

“Ummm yes Sir. I mean G-G-Gen-General Lothar,” replied her aide.

“Good, tell them to meet be in the docking port’s transporter room. Since somebody broke the one on this ship,” Lothar gave the man who shot it a stare for a second.

“Aye,” said the aide as he led the Marines out.

Lothar looked to Krothos and gave him a slap on the arm, “What the hell is the matter with you? You scared my aide half to death.”

“Sorry,” replied Krothos.

“Not as sorry as your going to be when we meet at home,” Lothar stared him down until she left the room to meet her team.

Once the doors closed behind her Krothos muttered, “Women….”


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