NAME: Toraq
SPECIES: Klingon
AGE: 66
D.O.B.: July 15, 2326
RANK: Civilian (Deceased)
ASSIGNMENT: Civilian Weapons Shop Owner on Qo'noS. (Now Deceased)
MARKS: Battle scars and wounds from time in Serves of the Klingon Strike Force.
ABILITIES: Knows all Klingon weapons inside & out.

Father: TBA
Mother: TBA
O. Brother: Chancellor Martok (Deceased)
Mate: K'Larra (Deceased)
Son: At'Tek (Died in Klingon/Cardassian War.)
Son: Krothos (Ambassador on Starbase Saloon, UFP)
Son: Pek'ToS (CO of IKS Lokat Mur'An)
Daughter: Don'Tay (Deceased)

Toraq was born on July 15, 2326 on Qo'noS. In 2341, he went through the 'Age of Ascension' and enlisted in the Klingon Strike Force. He married his mate K'Larra in 2342. In 2344, his first son At'Tek was born. In 2349, his second son Krothos was born. In 2350, his third son Pek'ToS was born. In 2353, his daughter Don'Tay was born. In 2359, At'Tek reached the 'Age of Ascension' and enlisted in the Klingon Strike Force. In 2364, Krothos reached the 'Age of Ascension' and was drafted into the Klingon Imperial Intelligence when it was learned he had Pyrokenetic abilities. In 2365, Pek'ToS reached the 'Age of Ascension' and joined the Klingon Defense Force Academy. In 2369, Pek'ToS graduated at the rank of lagh and is the first Officer in their part of the family. In 2372, At'Tek died in the Klingon/Cardassian War. In 2375, Krothos is tired of being used as a weapons for the K.I.I. and left them, devistating a K.I.I. base he was assigned to as he left and warned them not to come after him. Krothos then joined Starfleet to follow in Worf's foot steps, much to Toraq's disapproval. Toraq blamed Worf for messing with his son's mind. Pek'ToS married Kat'ara and they have a daughter named Kelzia. In 2376, Pek'ToS assumes Command of the IKS Lokat Mur'An. Toraq retires from the Klingon Strike Force and opens his own civilian weapons shop on Qo'noS. In 2379, Krothos married an Earth woman named Ivy Cain. Krothos later is recruited into a Federation Intelligence. In 2380, Ivy is killed with their unborn baby along with Krothos' best friend on a shuttle that was destroyed by Romulans. In 2381, Krothos married a Klingon/Trokarian hybred Lothar who was pregnant with their son Kahless at the time. In 2383, Krothos & Lothar had a daughter named Lina. Krothos & Lothar leave Fed-Intel to rejoin Starfleet. In 2390, Martok is killed and Torral son of Durus takes charge of the Council, placing their trusted men as the new and dishonored Council bringing the Empire into dishonor. Krothos goes to Federation Starbase Saloon as "Ambassador" and leads the Klingons who left the dishonored Empire, including Pek'ToS & the IKS Lokat Mur'An. In 2392, Torral kills off the House of Martok still on Qo'noS, including Toraq, K'Larra & Don'Tay.

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